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Industry Driven Programme

All programmes at UMCCed are designed to meet the needs of a rapidly developing country such as ours, providing it with a defined competitive edge by having well-trained workers.

The programmes are designed based on several factors. These include the relevance of programmes to the needs of the country and types of human resource required, marketability the programmes or in light of current and future developments, and how functional the programmes are.

The programmes also allow students to review their knowledge of subject areas and develop strategic thinking, apart from helping them to build abilities in identifying and analyzing issues and foster skills in solving various work-related problems. In other words, it provides learning opportunities which introduce, develop and reinforce academic and occupational knowledge, skills and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention and advancement. On completion of the programmes, students are prepared for employment in their respective fields.

The courses offered reflect the focus of UMCCed on industry driven programmes. It keeps abreast of developments in industry and the community and stresses extensive synergistic links with both sectors in the teaching and research domains.

All curricula and teaching materials are developed under the supervision of well-qualified lecturers and practitioners in the respective fields. The continuous interaction between the academics and the professionals provides invaluable input to all programmes developed and implemented by UMCCed. Classes are usually held in the evenings or during weekends for the convenience of students. The teaching methodology are varied, from lectures to seminars, workshops, case studies and multi media presentations to facilitate effective learning.