Course Code : CHOS


The programme is done for SEGI FRESH as they have indicated a desire to create an Internship programme to seek local talents in their expansion plan. Programme for SEGI FRESH only.

Course Objective

To provide an opportunity for local talents to undergo an Internship to seek a Career in the Hypermarket Operations. The programme is also for the development of trainees to undergo training with SEGI FRESH as to their expansion plan in Indonesia.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction to Hypermarket Operations
  • Module 2: Roles & Duties of Hypermarket Operations
  • Module 3: Understanding Perishable Sections
  • Module 4: Principles of Logistics Operations
  • Module 5: Principles of Warehouse Operations
  • Module 6: Product Sections & Aisles
  • Module 7: Cashiering Operations
  • Module 8:  Understanding Bar codes

Programme Fees

  • RM1800.00

Course Duration

  • 6 Months of Theory / Practical and 6 Months Internship

Total Training Hours

  • 5 hours per module