Course Code : CCCO


The programme is requested by DOMINO’S PIZZA as they have indicated a desire to create an internship programme to seek local talents for their operations. Programme is only for DOMINO’S.

Course Objective

To provide an opportunity for local talents to undergo an Internship to seek a Career at DOMINO’S. The programme is also for the development of trainees to undergo training with DOMINO’S

Course Content

  • Module 1  : How to Connect With Professional Service
      • Factors that influence a customer's perception of service
      • Role of voice tone in communication success
      • Indicators of successful communication
      • Essentials of effective listening
      • Paraphrasing techniques
      • Setting and managing customer expectations
      • Value of a complaint
      • Communication preferences
  • Module 2  : How to Communicate Effectively
      • Professional greetings and manner that conveys respect and caring
      • Professional holds and transfers
      • Call documentation and email correspondence
  • Module 3  : How to Manage the Call
      • Four types of questions used to maintain call control
      • Responses to difficult customer questions
  • Module  4 : How to Manage the Customer
      • Difficult customer characteristics and tactics to work with them
      • Techniques to manage customer anger
      • Positive and negative trigger phrases
      • Steps in professionally saying no to a customer
      • Handoff procedure in escalating a call
  • Module 5  : How to Service Above and Beyond
      • Matching company services and products to customer needs
      • Offering identified services and products

Programme Fees

  • RM1800.00

Course Duration

  • 1 month Theory and  6 months Practical

Total Training Hours

  • 8 hours per module