Course Code : UDC


The Diploma in Business Management programme is offered to school leavers interested in pursuing a career in business management. This programme will provide students with the skills and knowledge in total and integrated aspects of business management, and is suitable for those wishing to acquire a sound understanding of all aspects of business. Students will be trained in all functional areas of management of a business such as accounting, management, marketing, and human resource management that can be beneficial for career development and organisational development, and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.


By the end of this programme, students should be able to:

  • Identify and understand the basic principles of business management in a competitive and dynamic environment
  • Apply the principles of business management and plan the operations of a business unit
  • Think creatively and critically, and understand the risks in making business decisions and identify business opportunities
  • Improve the planning and monitoring of business strategies for long-term survival

Accreditation Status

Fully Accredited (MQA/SWA0629)
JPA Recognition

Career and Academic Path

Graduates of the Diploma in Business Management programme have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor Degree in a related field at local universities.

Graduates of the programme are qualified to apply for the post of Assistant Business Development officers at private companies and government-linked companies (GLCs). Graduates are also qualified to hold various positions such as Executive Assistants up to management levels in an organisation.

Course Structure

Students must complete a total of 92 credit in order to be awarded the Diploma in Management.

They must pass all 25 courses/subjects prescribed as Institution Compulsory Courses, Core Courses and Programme Courses.

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