Course Objectives

  • To introduce students to the principles of writing in English for academic purposes
  • To enable students to write effective dissertations and theses in English

Course Content

The main thrust of this course is to enable participants to be competent in writing in English for academic purposes. Towards this end, they will first learn the basic principles of academic writing in English. They will then learn how to apply these principles in producing effective dissertations and theses. The course participants will learn about the format of these documents, and how this can be exploited effectively to achieve the writers' purpose. They will learn about analyzing audience needs and expectations, and be taught the process of producing the relevant documents. The course will also focus on accuracy and appropriacy in terms of the contents and language of dissertations and theses.

Course Duration

  • Full-time : 8 days
  • Part-time : 5 week-ends

Total Training Hours

40 hours

Course Methodology

An inductive, learner-centred, interactive approach will be adopted using authentic situations and teaching materials that include current authentic samples of dissertations and theses. These will be analyzed by the students so that they arrive at the required knowledge by themselves; this will help them understand and retain the knowledge that has been acquired. Teaching methods include lectures and workshops, and teaching tools include the internet, DVDs, VCDs, and power-point slides.

Target Participants

  • Students/instructors who have just completed the course work component in their postgraduate studies
  • Postgraduate students who are in the midst of writing their dissertations and theses

Entry Qualification

  • Band 6 in MUET or equivalent (entry point test)
  • Band 6 in IELTS or equivalent

Course Fee

RM 800.00

Contact Info

For further details about this programme, please contact : 

Mazlina / Firdaus
Tel : +603-22463377 / 03-22463378 / 019-2222303

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