Course Code: UFB (MQA/SWA0625)


This programme aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of human resource management.

The specialisation in Human Resource Management equips students with a deep understanding of the basic elements of human resource management as well as exposure to the latest thinking and best practices in this field. As organisations currently exist in a dynamic environment of constant change in an era of globalisation, this programme views human resource management as a critical aspect in the management of the organisation. This programme is targeted at those who have been entrusted or who will be tasked to operate in the Human Resources Department and individuals who wish to advance their career in this field.


By the end of this programme, students should be able to:

  • apply the basic knowledge of relevant human resource management to address and resolve various human resource issues
  • demonstrate professional values and ethics in various aspects of human resources for career advancement
  • communicate and interact effectively with colleagues, customers, employers and the community.

Accreditation Status

Fully Accredited (MQA/SWA0625)
JPA Recognition

Programme Structure

Students must complete a total of 90 credit in order to qualify for the award of Executive Diploma. They must pass all courses prescribed as below.

University Courses:
Malaysian Studies
English for Communication
Effective Presentation Skills
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship in Malaysia
Social Responsibility

Core Courses:
Introduction to Management
Introduction to Accounting
Principles of Marketing
Human Resource Management
Research Methodology
Principles of Economics
Organisational Behaviour
Management Information Systems
Operation Management
Financial Management
Professional Ethics and Business Law
Project Management
Business Strategy

Elective Courses:

Employment Law
Occupational Safety and Health
Human Resource Planning
Compensation and Benefits Management
Training and Development
Performance Management
Industrial Relations
Psychology at The Workplace
Office Management 

Closing Date for Application : 19 October 2018


How to Apply

Application Procedures

Application must be made either through Online Application@UMCCed or the prescribed form, which may be obtained form UMCCed office or can be downloaded here.

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