Program Overview

The Hospitality Operations program

Program Objective

  • To train secondary school students who are currently in Form Five

Program Duration

  • 1 month theory
  • 6 months Industrial Attachment

Program Methodology

  • During the first month students undergo Theory Classes
  • 6 months students are placed at respective industries where they would be paid an allowance and also sponsored for Certification Programs

Program Venue

  • University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed)

Program Structure

  • 1st Month – Program – (48 hours of training)
  • Program Specialization
    • Certificate of Completion in Retail Operations
    • Certificate of Completion in Wellness Operations
    • Certificate of Competency in Fast Food Operations
    • Certificate of Completion in Accommodation Services
    • Certificate of Completion in Restaurant Operations and
  • Hospitality Employment Skills Program + Hospitality Operational English
  • 6 - 11 Months

Industrial Attachment with Monthly Allowance

Participating Companies

  • Retail Companies, Wellness and Food & Beverage Outlets

Entry Requirement

  • 17 years of age and currently in Form Five