Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce

This course consists of the following components:

(a) History of e-Commerce 
(b) Market opportunity analysis;
(c) Online business models;
(d) Interface design and system design;
(e) Market communication and branding;
(f) Implementation of resources system, website development and web architecture; (g) Electronic payment system;
(h) E-commerce issues including security and policies and cyber laws;
(i) E-commerce in practice and future trend and
(j) Mobile commerce.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants are able to:

1. Explain technologies, standards and business processes involved in implementing electronic commerce.
2. Apply advance modes on usage of information technology in business activities to boost new opportunities developed from the usage of Internet among its users.
3. Build simple e-commerce applications for specific areas of business that had potential commercialization values.

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