Network Security

Network Security

(Bachelor of Computer Science Subject)

This course is designed to provide student knowledge of network security, types of attack towards network, security services, and security mechanism. This course also will examine the security criteria by identity the best practices for the network security. The criteria will be looking into encryption techniques, remote access, intrusion detection and prevention, Virtual Private Network, firewall, honey pots, AAA, Infrastructure security, and physical security. Finally, the course will evaluate a plan and best proposal to design a secure network topology based on security policy and legal issues. This course also emphasis on practical exercises by introducing a range of security applications used in a network.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants are able to:
1. Identify the importance of network security and the security applications and techniques used in a network.
2. Design a secure network topology based on the security elements.
3. Apply the applications and techniques to solve a range of security problems in a network.

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