Open & Distance Learning (ODL)

Open & Distance Learning (ODL)

ODL offers an effective learning method to overcome the existing barriers compared to the conventional learning mode where learning and teaching are implemented without geographical limitations through the adaptation of the latest digital learning technologies.

ODL which emphasizes on self/independent learning enables students to manage their own learning time. Students can access learning materials in an easy and flexible way at any time in addition to the guidance of instructors and the support of other fellow students.

Various methods of communication, such as video conferencing, email, social media, discussion platforms as well as various technologies combined with face-to-face interaction as well as the use of physical and virtual resources.

As ODL learners, students will be able to study at their own pace. This can be achieved through efficient and ideal time management to balance the commitment between study, family and career. All programmes offered are accredited by MQA.


Programmes Offered




Academy of Islamic Studies

Bachelor of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith

Faculty of Languages and Linguistics

Bachelor of English Language and Linguistics




Faculty of Languages and Linguistics

Master of Arts (Linguistics)


Faculty of Engineering

Master of Biomedical Engineering 2021

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Master of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering

Master of Systems Engineering

Faculty of Creative Arts

Master of Visual Studies

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Master of Library and Information Science



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