Empowering Teachers: Teaching English for Pre- and Early-Schoolers

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This workshop is designed for kindergarten, nursery and primary school teachers who wish to improve their proficiency in English language and who seek for enhancement in teaching English for toddlers and primary school children.
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English is a crucial subject in the Malaysian education system from kindergarten to tertiary level. In order to maintain the quality of teaching and learning English, the English subject teachers are normally required to have English education background. However, at the lower level like kindergarten, majority of the teachers are not required to have a diploma or a degree in education of Teaching English as Second Language (TESL). The requirement that a kindergarten teacher must have is at least a diploma in Early Childhood Education. Thus, in order to fill in the gap, a short course has been designed for the target participants that will provide them with the knowledge of teaching methodology in various English skills which are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Besides that, this course also focuses on enhancing the teacher’s proficiency in the English language that includes grammar, pronunciation and speaking skills.

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