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Malay Language Proficiency Programme (Beginners)


Malay language for Beginners is a part of Modern Foreign Language programme that is meant for non-native adult learners who wish to continue their learning and improve their command in Malay at proficiency level. The Malay Language Proficiency Programme is designed to train participants to become competent in the basic communication of the Malay Language.

Course Objectives

  • Converse with confidence using simple language acquisition.
  • Read and understand short stories, narratives and simple texts.
  • Understand basic communication of the Malay Language.
  • Understand information delivered in the Malay Language and in turn provide appropriate responses and feed back.
  • Write short sentences in simple language using specific words.
  • Interact with peers regarding daily matters and work.
  • Listen to audio, conversation and presentation, and deliver appropriate responses verbally or in writing.

Course Content

Participants will be exposed to Malay language acquisition which comprises Malay syllables, phrases and simple structures, vocabulary, cultural expressions, numbers, time markers, easy grammar, listening to audio, reading simple text and stories, understanding the meaning of words, responding to questions, writing short sentences, and simple paragraphs.

Who should Attend

Expatriates, foreign students, public (homemakers, retirees etc), Political officers and Malaysians residing or studying abroad.


80 Hours

(Every Tuesday & Thursday)

2.00pm – 6.00pm (80 Hours)
4.00pm – 8.00pm (80 Hours)

Training Methodology

Discussions, role plays, practice sessions, Interactive and integrated learning, presentation, simulations, etc.

Assessment Methods

  • Continuous Assessment: 60% (Exercises, Interactive activity and Tests).
  • Final Examination: 40% (Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing).

Awarding of Certificate

The certificate will be awarded by University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education upon successful completion of the course.

Course Fee

RM 2,500.00

Fees can be paid in full or by instalment

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